It has been called “...the perfect storm of idiocy”.

The largely socialist Mexican government, corrupt police departments and the drug cartels seem to have an unlimited supply of weapons of every imaginable description (including military-grade weapons and munitions not available in American gun stores); weapons which they have used to murder each other and slaughter literally tens of thousands of Mexican citizens over the last few years; estimates suggest nearly 40,000 murders.

Some of them were innocent, many were not.  

While this is an enormous international humanitarian problem, the really pressing issue from where I live in Arizona is that the players in this diabolical affront to sovereignty and human rights are starting to kill Americans here as well.

Unfortunately, we are now finding out that part of this violent nightmare has been fueled by renegade agents of our own government in an illegal arms trafficking misadventure. Originally sold to our congress and to a trusting and unsuspecting public in both Mexico and the US, the inter-agency operation was a well-financed, high visibility law enforcement program funded as part of a financial umbrella called Project Gunrunner. It appears the primary nexus for this profound loss of judgment and public trust was a network of career law enforcement agents, lawyers and politicians located in the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) offices located in Arizona, Washington DC and Florida.  Taxpayer dollars, personnel, materiel and other government resources were systematically corrupted and transformed into an illegal and tragically deadly covert conflagration now known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Testimony by agents and officials in the ATF to date suggests the government’s defense of this covert activity was their intent to identify and arrest the ‘kingpins’ of the Mexican arms trafficking industry and halt the flow of illegal weapons; in the parlance of ATF it is referred to as “disrupt, dismantle and destroy.” The legal aspects of the program were created as part of a much broader DOJ program called the Southwest Border Initiative which included methamphetamine investigations by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the considerable efforts of the Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP, a.k.a. Border Patrol), the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) national firearms tracing center  and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations of Homeland Security to manage human trafficking as regards the international issues of illegal immigration. There is evidence the FBI was actually complicit in some of the activity through the use of paid informants, illegal use of computer resources and taxpayer dollars.

Intentionally misguided by White House, DOJ and ATF press releases which were manufactured to cloak the real program—congress and the public were also duped by the government’s lapdog news cabal which willingly provided the necessary ‘intellectual’ air cover on the internecine elements of arms trafficking, drugs and illegal immigration flooding the American-Mexican border.  

For the record, I believe the reason most Mexican citizens are forced into transporting drugs while illegally immigrating into the US is to escape the desperate economic nightmare of the de-humanizing totalitarian government-sponsored Socialism and rampant drug-related violence in Mexico. From what we see on this side of the new Maginot Line in Arizona, Mexican illegals are for the most part good, honest, hard-working people, who care about their families and take responsibility for their own lives. They typically display a high degree of productivity and pride in their work and if they were actually legal citizens—we would probably describe them as good conservative capitalists. This is also the way they will be described by liberals in this country if they ever make the mistake of alienating the main-stream media (e.g. by voting Republican).

History suggests law-abiding citizens become criminals by virtue of a desperate and nearly bankrupt economy controlled by a clearly failed and corrupt bureaucracy intent on tax slavery for those who work (and a vast welfare state for those who don’t), nationalized industry, fraudulent government programs and legalized Marxist redistribution of wealth and health—all coercively leveraged against its own people in order to perpetuate a small but powerful and wealthy elite.

In Mexico the average citizen’s lot in life (increasingly similar to our own) is exacerbated by the routine victimization of its citizens not only by an uncaring and corrupt government but by a brutal criminal conspiracy of drug trafficking organizations (DTO’s) involved in international narco-terrorism, human bondage, cultural misogyny and weapons trafficking. Both here and in Mexico, literally tens of thousands of square miles on the border have been completely overtaken by DTO’s which include violent street gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), MEChA, the New Mexican Mafia and others who operate with total impunity from the law as illicit distribution networks for drugs, guns and money.

Coerced criminality however does not excuse nor does it justify other illegal behavior, it does not minimize or even remotely mitigate the highly visible criminal element in Mexico who also crosses the border, sells drugs to our children, joins criminal gangs, assists in illegal money laundering operations, fraud, terrorism and counterfeiting—nor does it excuse illegals who arrive here only to pop out anchor babies in order to pick up free welfare and healthcare with the intent to live on the Octo-Mom gravy-train. Neither does this let illegal alien dead-beats off the hook who get drunk or stoned (or both), climb unlicensed and uninsured behind the wheel of a car and kill innocent Americans on our streets and highways—all of which inevitably drives up our taxes, taxes our patience and in a general sort of way makes us want to set our hair on fire.

The growing realization that criminality perpetrated by drug cartels that have partnered with Islamic terrorists on our southwestern border communities is a harbinger of America’s future on a much wider and more dangerous scale.

Much of the argument on this side of the border repeatedly focuses on the social and economic impact of illegal drugs and immigration (problems we clearly need solve) as well as the enormous appetite for drugs widely modeled in Hollywood, Washington DC beltway and New York cocktail parties (and we must figure out how to hold this behavior up to the ridicule it deserves). But we must also begin to realize that while these issues are ugly truths and terribly critical—relatively speaking, they are only the most sanguine symptoms of a much larger and more lethal threat to America.

“…today, a decade after September 11th, America still does not fully understand the nature of the enemy that most threatens its citizens.”

Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka


That threat is Islamic terrorism which has partnered with the Mexican drug cartel’s narco-terrorism and human trafficking industry to combine Middle Eastern international arms trafficking, fraud, counterfeiting and money laundering operations—specifically for the purpose of turning the United States into the newest member of the modern Muslim caliphate.

While there is nothing new about the openly contentious agenda of radical Islamic Jihad, nor is illegal immigration coupled with the violence of drug cartel criminality a news flash, but not enough Americans are actually aware of the business connection between the Mexican drug syndicate and Islamic mosques and Muslim community centers right in our own neighborhoods.

Firearms’ trafficking and the “Gunwalker” scandal  is only one of these connections.


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